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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Can you please introduce yourself?

Oliver & Racheal spend their lives capturing and immortalising other people’s memories,
they remember not to neglect to make our own. So after 15 years of running their
International business successfully from London they moved to Marbella 3 years ago and
have never looked back! They live in the beautiful Andalusian mountains with their
gorgeous doggies who are also loving their new life in the sunshine.
Please give me a couple of sentences about your business/services.
At present we are a husband and wife photographic duo who offer an array of
photography services but specialise in weddings, we will also soon be adding a
videography option to our packages which we are very excited about, we love to
keep inspired & are always looking to expand with our services, products and

How long have you been operating and what inspired you to start?

We opened our photographic studio in the UK in 2004 working mainly inside the
studio But after 5 years we felt we wanted to explore more variety with our
photography so in 2010 we launched Balance Photography Weddings.
Racheal’s brother has been a wedding photographer for many years and at first, we
shadowed him on a few weddings to experience the reality of being a wedding
photographer. We loved every second! It is so exciting seeing all the different
locations, meeting new people. Its not something that everyone can do as it also
requires the ability to be creative under pressure, be organised, experienced and
patient. for us that is all part of the fun, we love seeing the story unfold through our
photos and the reactions from our couples when we deliver them.

Can you outline one or two of your highlights from your 2019 wedding

In May last year, we were flown to Italy to capture the celebrations of Francis & Nicky
who had booked us based on a recommendation 2 years prior. In February before
their wedding day, Francis had a fall and ended up badly breaking his leg. Nikki
phoned us to let us know that he will be in a wheelchair for the wedding, they were
devastated. But as if by a miracle a few weeks before their wedding he managed to
walk! He was on crutches but the fact he was able to stand whilst he took his vows
was an emotional moment to witness! He even managed to stand without the
crutches for the couple photos too. Francis & Nikki are the most wonderful and
positive people and to see their happiness after months of worrying was so special.

What is your unique selling point? What sets you apart from other similar
suppliers in the area?
Couples often love that we are a husband and wife creative team, Oliver is now
going to be launching the videography side of the business which means we will be
offering packages were we work together to document the story through both video
and photos. We offer a very personal service to all our couples to ensure on their
wedding day they feel 100% comfortable in our company, We have no limitations of
when our couples can contact us, and spend many evenings chatting on whats app
to our excited bride & grooms to always be available for any questions they may

We also ensure that before the day we provide our couples with a wedding detail
form to tailor our coverage bespoke to their needs so on the day they can completely
relax in the knowledge their story will be captured bespoke to their preferences.
We have an array of professional lighting and up to date equipment to ensure that
the weather does not affect our photos, Many photographers rely on Natural light,
Whilst we love the use of natural light we also are always prepared in the case that it
may not be available to ensure that the weather / light available does not affect the
quality of the photos that we take.

What is your ‘Funniest Wedding Moment’?

Last year one of our couples chose their beautiful dog Ozzie to be the ring bearer,
Ozzie was a huge part of their day but due to the venue regulations was not allowed
to the evening reception so after the ceremony he retired to the honeymoon suite.
During the bands first set our bride Clair was dancing when suddenly Ozzie came
out of no where and jumped up to dance with her! He had gat crashed the party!!
Then ran off and grabbed a slice of cheese from their Cheese wedding cake. He
refused to leave and everyone was in fits of laughter while he was chased around
and round the dance floor having the time of his life!

What would be your top tips for brides getting married here in Spain?

Make sure you choose your suppliers wisely and feel 100% comfortable with your
choices. Also make sure they are legal to work here in Spain.

Remember what the day is about, spending time with your loved ones and saying
your vows, Don’t allow yourself to get so swept away by the finer details that you
forget about the moments. choose your suppliers wisely, make sure you feel
comfortable and trust them to meet your expectations so you can relax and enjoy
your day. Be sure to check their social media reviews, follow their Instagram pages

Your website:                    www.BPweddingsmarbella.com
Your contact number:       0034 634 965 999
Facebook page:                @balancephotographymarbella
Instagram page:               www.instagram.com/balancephotoinsta


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