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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Wedding Ceremony Moments

Real life wedding ceremony: Mary & Mike

Mary & Mike’s story began 4 years ago.  Mary had recently lost of partner and was heading to Spain for the winter.  After trawling the internet to find lady friends but having found none, she decided to look for men for friendship and came across Mike’s profile.  This said that he liked chocolate; one of her favourite things so she sent him a message telling him that she was new to the area and was just looking for friendship as his profile stated that he was looking for a relationship.


They kept in touch by text and finally met up. Mike, planning to retire to Spain, had been persuaded by Mary to check out her area and, as he had never visited the area before, he arranged to meet up with Spanish friends at the same time.  Determination and grit were very much the order of the day as Mike got lost on route, and then his car broke down!  He finally arrived 5 hours late.  He vividly recalls turning around as she came up from behind and thinking ‘wow’.


After a few meetings: meals, coffees etc, there didn’t seem to be any chemistry.  They both went their separate ways, back to the UK.


There was obviously a little spark there though because Mary decided to call Mike a few months later to wish him Happy Birthday.  This was the beginning of their love story.

Mary & Mike enjoyed a rose exchange ceremony

Handwritten ceremonies to celebrate your love story.


Towards the end of May, they made a plan – Mike would visit Mary for a coffee. There was just one little detail – Mike lived 150 miles away – ever such a long way to go for a coffee!  Mike therefore decided to make it into a 3-day break.  He arrived bearing gifts: beautiful red roses and gave her a Spanish kiss.  Mary was smitten.  They walked to town and Mary took his hand.  Mike tells me that she hasn’t ever let it go since!


Just 3 days later, Mike proposed to Mary down on one of his bad knees and later wrote it in rose petals on her bed!  The rest is history!  This was the perfect starting point for my writing as roses had played such an important part in their relationship.

Choose your significant people

There were a number of important people who could not be with the couple on the day.  Having asked for contact details, I made arrangements to speak to them and, rather than just sending greetings and words to use during the ceremony, I persuaded them to record video and audio messages adding a really special touch to the proceedings.


After the couple exchanged very personal vows, I conducted a rose exchange ceremony.   In the past, the rose was considered a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing, it meant the words, ‘I love you’.  As their first gift as husband and wife, they exchanged single roses.   It is a reminder of the most valuable and precious gifts of life the gift of true and abiding love within the devotion of marriage.

Rose Exchange Ceremony

Torre del Mar


I included a number of very personal blessings, written with the sea in mind and written specifically for the couple themselves.


A number of significant friends played roles too.  There were special heartfelt readings from friends and, as the Danish usually think that readings are cheesy, Danish friend Asger added something different!  Speaking from the heart about how truly inclusive the couple are, he then played the music, ‘You are my sunshine’, for them to dance to.


This was followed by a traditional Spanish ‘Las Arras’ ceremony to add a cultural twist by

Ceremony Moments

Mavy.  ‘Las Arras’ is the traditional exchange of 13 coins between the couple to bring good luck along their journey.

The setting was the stunning terrace at Matices Cultural Centre in Torre del Mar, Andalucia.  Run by Nena Argent, it provided the perfect space for the couple and their guests with a backdrop to the sea.  Guests were then able to mingle between the upstairs and downstairs spaces.





Mary & Mike said:

We were blown away as this was our first experience of a ceremony like this that included so many of our family and friends in such a very special, personal and emotional way with individual readings. Nikki had brought and told our love story together in the most perfect way with a little of our humour thrown in for good measure.  Whenever we asked a question, she would raise her hand and say already sorted, customer service at its very best.  All our guests were captivated with the ceremony, we were truly blessed on that, our very special day, Nikki thank you, mil gracias.


Celebrant:            Nikki       www.ceremoniesbynikkikulin.co.uk

Venue:                 www.facebook.com/maticestorredelmar

Photographer:     Martin Kulin         www.martinkulinphotography.com


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